Daddy Boot Camp

daddy bootnow being offered exclusively in North Georgia
by Bartow Family Resources / The Relationship Center

Boot Camp for New Dads is the nation's largest program for fathers operating in 260 communities across 43 states, the US Army, Navy and Air Force, and expanding internationally. Bartow Family Resources/The Relationship Center has the distinction of being the only location in North Georgia to offer this program for new dads.

dadGiven the enormous benefits resulting from men who step up to meet their responsibilities to their children and become involved fathers, we believe a community can make no better investment than to provide necessary support to their dads.

Our concept is simple: Dads-to-be learning the ropes from men who have successfully made the transition to fatherhood, who also bring their babies to make the experience hands-on and real.

The workbook for this workshop, Crash Course for Dads-To-Be, is an orientation to fatherhood, in the form of easy to grasp lists, charts, and tear-out tools, that contain tips from the more than 300,000 Boot Camp for New Dads participants - the real experts on new fathers.

Prepare for the adventure of your life with real world advice from real dads!!!




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